Find out more about the team by visiting our Masthead. 

We’re looking for a number of volunteer team members to assist us with the workload. We cannot pay our volunteers, but if you have an interest in writing, publishing, editing book design, and above all, poetry, working with us can boost your resume or CV.

We’re currently looking for:


Copy Editors/Proof Readers

We’re looking for a copy editor/proof reader to work on the final proofs of the magazine and also the website. While we cannot pay you, we will provide links to your business from our Masthead page, references and endorsement. This position is ideal for a proofreader starting out in their career who wants experience in copy-editing poetry.


We’re looking for someone to help us develop the aesthetics of the Review, and format the Review for Kindle, Smashwords and Apple iPages. Knowledge of Adobe and access to the software a strong advantage. Again, this position is voluntary, but we can provide endorsement and references for your business. We have four issues per year and a projected number of collections.

If you’re interested in any of these volunteering positions, please send a brief email and your resume to

quarterdayreviewNOSPAMTHANKS@gmail.com — remove the capitalised words from the email address before sending.

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