Erotic Verse Policy


Eros is — and always has been — a fit and proper subject for poets since poetry was first written down. For some reason in this world of exceptional license there exists within literature exceptional prudery.  So, after much consideration — and frankly because the editorial team loves the erotic in poetry — we’ve decided to revise our submissions policy on this with a  few caveats.

Eros concerns the emotion and psychology of sex, and Venus (pornography) concerns graphic descriptions of physical acts. We’re looking for the former. If your work contains just graphic depictions, it will be rejected because it’s not erotic.

  • Your verse must be erotic, not purely pornographic.
  • Your verse must be in a traditional form, and
  • You must adhere to both the theme of the issue and contain mythic or speculative elements. For example, if you’re writing about a sex doll, it might be a good idea to reference the Pygmalion myth.
  • Your poem must tell a story, and what sex there is must further that story. 
  • You must tag your work by using the correct submission category so that our staff readers who don’t want to read erotic verse don’t stumble on it.
  • We have space for one erotic poem per issue. So make it good ‘un.
  • For specifically erotic verse, no non-consensual acts and please, for the love of the Saints and Angels, the poetry should depict adult humans. 
  • If in doubt, query. 

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